Madeleine Faught, New South Wales, AUS

For the past two years I have been searching for the right place for my elderly mother. Although I had organised 24 hour live in carers in her home, this arrangement was extremely expensive, plus the occasional changeover in carers was not always a good ‘mix’ with my mom. So I began searching for a place – looking at countless facilities whose glossy brochures made them look great, but the reality of those places was anything but glossy. When I’d just about given up hope, I found Paradise Valley Senior Retreat, and from the moment I walked in the front door knew my mother would be happy there.  This is a genuine living, breathing home versus the generic coldness of most elder care facilities. Anca and Florin put not only a great deal of thought into creating a warm and inviting environment, they’ve obviously put a whole lot of love in as well because the home radiates warmth and happiness.  I know my mother appreciated having her own lovely room and privacy because she’s always been a bit of a loner. The staff are sensitive to the needs of each individual resident so they respected my mom’s attitude, but did encourage her to join everyone in the common rooms. Once she did, her happiness quotient increased tenfold! Photos Anca emailed of my mom showed a happy and vibrant person, interacting with the other residents and obviously enjoying herself.  One photo really captured my attention as it showed my mom in the process of finishing off everything on her dinner plate.  ‘Food’ has never ranked high on my mother’s list of priorities, but there she was; cleaning her plate! I couldn’t blame her. I’ve had a meal at PVES and it’s been one of the freshest and best I’ve had while visiting Scottsdale! Anca and Florin (and their capable kitchen staff) feel that food is a really important part of elder care. That it needs to be nutritious, but it also needs to be tasty, inviting and interesting. The table is always beautifully set so the ritual of dining, from breakfast to dinner, becomes an important and meaningful part of each day.  There’s such a high degree of true caring and its resultant well being at PVES. This translates into a very special place that will bless your family with the same peace of mind I have experienced – knowing that your parent (or partner) is happy; living a quality of life that stems from genuine regard and respect.  Thank you, Anca, Florin and staff for making this time in my mother’s life, and my family’s, meaningful and filled with such joy.

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