With over a decade of experience in caring for seniors, Paradise Valley Senior Retreat’s mission is to make a positive difference in lives of the seniors of Paradise Valley and build long-lasting friendships with the community we serve.

 – Holly Natoli

“My Mother Bobbie was a resident at Paradise Valley Senior Retreat for the last four months of her life. In late December she had been diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure and other complications.  Anka, Florin, and the whole staff at Paradise Valley Senior Retreat made us feel like family right from the beginning! Home made meals, celebrating holidays, craft projects, field trips, and the best of love and care from everyone there.  I felt so safe and comforted knowing my Mom was in the best hands she could be in.  This beautiful residence is a home, in the best of ways possible for you and your loved one.”

– Linda and Milton
“We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful care you provided for Milton’s mother, Ruth, during the months she lived at the Paradise Valley Senior Retreat. She was more relaxed and comfortable than she had been in a long time, and she very quickly came to trust both of you and your staff. You provide a warm, nurturing environment while exercising sound judgment and common sense in all that you do. Since we live out-of-state, it was especially comforting to know that you were in charge!”

– Sue Butler
“I, Sue Butler, placed my dear friend, Routh Crowell in Paradise Valley Senior Retreat last summer after visiting many homes in the area. Routh was the first resident therefore we called her the “charter” member of the group. PVSR provided the very best in fine living. Also, the facility had the greatest of care-givers. They were gentle, kind, caring, and most of all were respectful of each individual’s rights. Fresh flowers – clean atmosphere – wonderful parties – great food – arts & crafts – professional medical care, just to name a few of the services provided. I can and will recommend this care home to anyone – you can’t find better living anywhere!”

– Amanda and Steven Eisenfeld
“Being a registered nurse and my husband a MD, we wanted only the best and most qualified assisted living home for our loved one. We found this at Paradise Valley Senior Retreat. The accommodations are second to none and it truly feels like “home”. The care givers are very in tune to each individual’s needs and backgrounds and strive to accommodate each one. They possess great attention to details, and make each transition as easy and positive as possible. We looked at over 40 homes in the valley and our search ended when we visited PVSR. It is truly an amazing “retreat” for those that need assistance.”

– Bill and Judy Rupp
“Our family wanted to thank you personally for the care that you and your staff has provided for our Mother. Living out of state increases the anxiety concerning Mom’s care. It is a relief beyond words to know that the level of attention and care Mom is receiving surpasses anything we could have hoped for. It is hard to imagine any activity or service that is not presently offered. The atmosphere is of a true home, you have done a wonderful job. We feel truly blessed to have discovered Paradise Valley Senior Retreat.”


– Karen, Roy & Heather
“I want to thank you for all you did for mom while she was at your home. I think she felt as at home there as she would have anywhere under her health circumstances. I appreciate your personal care of her and I know she appreciated it as well. I loved her and will miss her dearly but I’m glad she lived so close to us in Phoenix this last year. It did give me a lot more time with her than I would have otherwise had. Take care and I hope to see you soon.”

– Eddie, Dee Dee O’Connor and the whole Reyse family
“Words can never express how thankful we are to have found your loving care. The care you gave our mother was so great and so special. We never worried about our mother. We knew she was getting the best care possible.  Thank You for everything!”

– David M. Crook
“My wife was suffering from severe alzheimer’s disease. After two years I could no longer take care of her at home and had no idea where to take her. I called three healthcare agencies and asked them to recommend a home for her. Two of them told me that Paradise Valley Senior Retreat gave the very best of care and concern. Now, after ten months under the care of Anca Ile and her staff, I honestly can say that I have made the very best possible choice and highly recommend Paradise Valley Senior Retreat.”

– Sara Krieger, New York, NY
“Looking for the right place for an elderly parent is never an easy task, particularly when you live in another state. Nor is it easy when your parent has very discriminating taste and is used to a certain level of lifestyle.  Any pre-conceived notions that either I, or my mother had of what a “group home” was, were completely changed when we discovered the wonderful and loving staff at Paradise Valley Senior Retreat. It is truly beyond compare to any facility I have ever found, and I researched a lot before I moved my mother there! Because I live in New York, I looked in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut, as well as in Arizona, where my mother was already living.   When my mother’s health and ability to be mobile diminished, I originally moved her from her independent living facility to an assisted living facility, which I hoped would meet her growing needs, as well as her desire for independence and autonomy. Shortly after she moved in, she fell several times, and no one was around to help her. In addition, the services offered in that particular assisted living facility, as in most of the larger ones, were a la carte, and they added up fast. If she needed medicine dispensed or help with bathing, toileting or dining, these were extra monthly charges. I had hoped I’d found her a place that would be her last, but two months after moving her into that large facility, I had to move her out again.  Fortunately, that’s when I found Paradise Valley Senior Retreat. I had seen several group homes up until that time, and none of them had impressed me. But this one was different. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with the feeling that this was someone’s home not just a business. The house and the grounds are spotless. The meals are home cooked and lovingly prepared. But most importantly, the owners and the staff are wonderful, caring and loving people who truly take great pride in what they do. They go above and beyond what other homes offer. And all the services that we were paying extra for in the previous facility are included at Paradise Valley. It was important to me that someone was on night staff, because my mother was getting up in the middle of the night by herself and that was dangerous for her. Not only is there someone on duty, they also provided us with a bed alarm so that any movement she makes is heard anywhere in the house, at any time. They encourage my mother to engage in activities when, if left to her own devices, she would stay in her room. Another perk is that the owners are a young couple with children, and they are often in the house, which gives the home a wonderful sense of life.  I could not ask for more personal attention to be paid. There is constantly someone checking in on my mother, talking and joking with her, and making sure that she is all right. And if there is ever a change in her condition, the owners let me know. Anca and Florin Ile are amazing human beings who make my mother feel like she’s a part of their family. And since I could not do this for her back east, it is a tremendous load off of my mind knowing that not only is she safe there, but that she is also loved.  I would recommend Paradise Valley Senior Retreat without hesitation to anyone looking for the best possible care for his or her aging parent.”

– Madeleine Faught

For the past two years I have been searching for the right place for my elderly mother. Although I had organized 24 hour live in carers in her home, this arrangement was extremely expensive, plus the occasional changeover in carers was not always a good ‘mix’ with my mom. So I began searching for a place – looking at countless facilities whose glossy brochures made them look great, but the reality of those places was anything but glossy. When I’d just about given up hope, I found Paradise Valley Senior Retreat, and from the moment I walked in the front door knew my mother would be happy there.   This is a genuine living, breathing home versus the generic coldness of most elder care facilities. Anca and Florin put not only a great deal of thought into creating a warm and inviting environment, they’ve obviously put a whole lot of love in as well because the home radiates warmth and happiness.   I know my mother appreciated having her own lovely room and privacy because she’s always been a bit of a loner. The staff are sensitive to the needs of each individual resident so they respected my mom’s attitude, but did encourage her to join everyone in the common rooms. Once she did, her happiness quotient increased tenfold! Photos Anca emailed of my mom showed a happy and vibrant person, interacting with the other residents and obviously enjoying herself.   One photo really captured my attention as it showed my mom in the process of finishing off everything on her dinner plate.  ‘Food’ has never ranked high on my mother’s list of priorities, but there she was; cleaning her plate! I couldn’t blame her. I’ve had a meal at PVSR and it’s been one of the freshest and best I’ve had while visiting Scottsdale! Anca and Florin (and their capable kitchen staff) feel that food is a really important part of elder care. That it needs to be nutritious, but it also needs to be tasty, inviting and interesting. The table is always beautifully set so the ritual of dining, from breakfast to dinner, becomes an important and meaningful part of each day.   There’s such a high degree of true caring and its resultant well being at PVSR. This translates into a very special place that will bless your family with the same peace of mind I have experienced – knowing that your parent (or partner) is happy; living a quality of life that stems from genuine regard and respect.  Thank you, Anca, Florin and staff for making this time in my mother’s life, and my family’s, meaningful and filled with such joy.

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